The Division of Hampshire and Isle of Wight


Divisional Officers 2017-2018

Appointed on Saturday 24th June 2017

Divisional Eusebius Ill.Kt. S.R. Taynton
Senior General P.Kt. I.T.C. Glister
Junior General P.Kt. A.J. Green
High Prelate V.Ill.Kt. P.F. Wyles
Registrar P.Kt. R.R. Galbraith
Treasurer Ill.Kt. J.K. Murray
Recorder Ill.Kt. A.L. Bargrove
Almoner Ill.Kt. M.J. Goody
Marshal Ill.Kt. K. Todd
Sword Bearer P.Kt. M.R. Parsons
Deputy Marshal Ill.Kt. G.T. Brown
Chamberlain W.Kt. I.P. Buckett
Sub-Prelate Ill.Kt. P.M.J. Whitemore
Standard Bearer (C.) P.Kt. A.R. Welch
Standard Bearer (L.) P.Kt. A.D.H. Paxton
Prefect P.Kt. J. Walker
Warden of Regalia W.Kt. M.P. Mulvaney
Asstistant Recorder P.Kt. I.M. Campbell
Organist P.Kt. T.C. Gulliver
Herald 1 W.Kt. R.J. Brown
Herald 2 W.Kt. A.E. Ward
Stewards W.Kt. T. Hotchkiss
P.Kt. G.R. Tett
P.Kt. R.J. Castle
P.Kt. C.B. Egerton
P.Kt. D.J. Smith
Sentinel P.Kt. G.T. Harper

Past Divisional Ranks

Grand Registrar P.Kt. R.E. Kitchen
Grand Chamberlain P.Kt. M.P. Harkness
Grand Chamberlain P.Kt. F.W. Rhoades-Brown
Grand Standar Bearer (C) P.Kt. M.S. Whiston

Ranks of the Order

You will find a comprehensive list of Ranks together with their respective Marks
on our page entitled The Order - or by clicking here.