The Division of Hampshire and Isle of Wight


Marks of the Order

The Marks to be suffixed after the signature of each Member and the Titles of Honour applicable to the Ranks in the Order are as follows:

Grand Sovereign Most Illustrious Knight M.III.Kt.
Grand Viceroy Right Illustrious and Eminent Knight R.III & E.Kt.
Knight Grand Cross Right Illustrious Knight R.III.Kt.
Knight Commander Right Illustrious Knight R.III.Kt.
Intendant-General Right Illustrious Knight R.III.Kt.
Grand Officers Very Illustrious Knight V.III.Kt.
Grand Officers Illustrious Knight III.Kt.
Past Sovereign Puissant Knight P.Kt.
Sovereign Most Puissant Knight M.P.Kt.
Viceroy Eminent Knight Em.Kt.
Eusabuis Venerable Knight V.Kt.
Knight Companions Worthy Knight W.Kt.